What if I do not receive a Text Confirmation?

Failure to receive a confirmation code can happen for a number of reasons including your number being from a new recently ported carrier, lack of a premium text messaging plan, or inability of your carrier to receive a premium SMS message.

If you have not received a confirmation code to your mobile phone within a few minutes of choosing this confirmation option, we recommend that you follow these steps:

  1. Verify the phone number that you are registering is correct.
  2. Be sure that your carrier, matches that of your wireless provider on the Confirm Mobile Phone screen

If these steps do not help, you can confirm your mobile number by an automated voice call.

To trigger an automated voice confirmation,

  1. add your mobile number under the ‘Phones’ section of your profile and designate the ‘Phone Type’ as ‘Mobile’.
  2. Click Continue
  3. Select one of the alternate confirmation methods on the confirmation screen as seen below.